Knuckle Tattoos!

A great tattoo placement idea are the knuckles. This makes a permanent, strong statement and serves as a constant reminder of the symbolism or phrasing that you’ve chosen to get inked. Here are some important points on getting your knuckles tatted:

1. Make sure you are confident about knuckle tattoo placement.

Obviously this is an area where cover up is not much of an option in day to day life. You’re knuckle ink is going to become a part of your character, much more than say a shoulder or back tat. It’s going to become one of the main features you’ll be identified with in society, so make sure you’re cool with that.

2. Make sure your confident with your design choice.

Lettering should always be thought about long and hard, and since lettering is a common knuckle tattoo, the display will be front and center and you should make sure the word(s) will last in meaning and significance. Four letter words may have seemed cool when you were a rebellious eighteen year old, but will they seem cheesy when your thirty? Same goes with girlfriend/boyfriend names, groups, gangs, clubs, or philosophical sayings.

3. Research Detailed Design Options.

This refers to the specific form of font or lettering you choose. You can make a great knuckle tattoo idea look amazing with the right font or lettering choice. Definitely look into different fonts as your options are not limited to just standard lettering. An easy and convenient way to research fonts is by browsing through online tattoo galleries so as to make sure you find the right lettering design that fits your knuckle tattoo’s.