Chronomat 44 Flying Fish

The Breitling Chronomat 44 Flying Fish

One of the world's most famous watch designers and manufacturers, Breitling watches have been the number one choice for airmen of all types since the beginnings of modern aviation.

Whether in terms of the water resistance and sturdiness of its cases, the readability and crystal clear clarity of its dials, or the robustness and comfort of its bracelets, each detail of a Breitling watch exterior is designed to stand up to intensive use in the most arduous of conditions, and is subjected to countless controls throughout the whole production process.

You simply don’t become official supplier to world aviation by chance.

Here is a selection of some of their most loved models :

Navitimer 01
The favorite watch of pilots and dedicated aviation fans laid a major milestone in its history by taking aboard Manufacture Breitling Caliber 01 – a true gem of reliability and performance. This legendary model is distinguished by its steel case and its black dial with a red seconds hands, silver chronograph counters and applied hour-markers or numerals. It is also available in an 18K red gold version. Its bidirectional ratcheted rotating bezel ensures smooth and easy handling of the famous circular aviation slide rule.

Navitimer World
Ever ready for takeoff, the Navitimer World travel watch features an extremely practical and easily readable dual time­zone system. A red-tipped additional central hand displays the time in another part of the globe on a 24-hour scale – thus indicating whether it is day or night in the relevant location. The selfwinding chronograph movement is protected by a large case available in steel. The caseback is engraved with the timezones of the world’s major cities.

Navitimer 1461
Issued in a 1,000-piece limited series, the Navitimer 1461 is distinguished by its elegant blue dial. A stylish exterior for this selfwinding chronograph equipped with a calendar requiring correction only once every four years – meaning 1,461 days. The date, day and month displays are complemented by a moon-phase aperture. The sophisticated 450-part movement is housed in a steel case with a bidirectional rotating bezel activating the famous aviation slide rule.

Rolex Datejust watch
Navitimer Cosmonaute
On May 24th 1962, Scott Carpenter orbited the Earth three times aboard the Aurora 7 capsule. On his wrist was a Navitimer with a 24-hour graduation – a vital necessity in distinguishing day from night. It thus became the first wrist chronograph to travel in space. Having entered the Breitling collections under the name Cosmonaute, this pioneer in the sphere of space conquest has since been equipped with a Manufacture Breitling caliber featuring manual winding and a 24-hour display – two tributes to the original 1962 chronograph. It is also pursuing its odyssey in an exclusive and technical all black-clad version, a 1,000-piece limited series named Navitimer Cosmonaute Blacksteel.

Chronomat 41
Power. Performance. Precision. The Chronomat 41 combines an exceptional fuselage with the selfwinding chronograph Manufacture Caliber 01 “motor”, chronometer-certified by the COSC – as indeed are all Breitling movements. The 41 mm diameter of its sleekly curved case makes it suitable for all wrist sizes. It is equipped with a screw-locked crown and pushpieces as well as substantial protective control guards. The Chronomat 41 is available in steel, steel & rose gold or rose gold versions with a broad choice of dials and straps or bracelets

Chronomat 44
The undisputed star of the Breitling collections, the Chronomat 44 reflects a universe dedicated to performance, sporting feats and surpassing personal limits. The case housing the Manufacture Breitling Caliber 01 is water-resistant to a depth of 500 m (1,650 ft) – a feat worthy of a diver’s watch. This chronograph with its unique style is an authentic instrument for aviators that comes in a choice of four versions: all-steel, steel with a bezel bearing four solid gold markers, steel with gold bezel or all-gold.

Chronomat 44 Flying Fish
Embodying a perfect blend of power and performance, the Chronomat 44 Flying Fish special series is distinguished by its bezel featuring rubber inserts and its exclusively finished steel case. The perfect companion for feats accomplished on land, at sea and in the air, this instrument is water-resistant to 500 m (1,650 ft), while COSC chronometer-certified Manufacture Breitling Caliber 01 ensures maximum precision and reliability.

Chronomat 44 GMT
With the Chronomat 44 GMT, Breitling offers a travel watch featuring unpre­cedented user friendliness. The wearer need only pull out the crown and turn it either backwards or forwards to move between timezones without losing any precision in the minutes display. Equipped with the Manufacture Breitling Caliber B04, this model is one of the rare chronographs to offer such a smoothly functional dual timezone system. It is also distinguished by its rotating bezel serving to provide a 24-hour third timezone reading.

Chronomat GMT
With its Manufacture Breitling Caliber B04, housed within a generous 47 mm- diameter case, and its ultra-practical and innovative entirely crown-adjustable second timezone system, the Chronomat GMT has established itself as the true traveler’s watch. Breitling also offers this imposing design in a special “Blacksteel” edition issued in a 1,000-piece limited series, featuring a black steel case coated with a highly resistant carbon-based treatment and a rotating bezel providing a 24-hour third timezone reading.

Superocean 42
Blue, yellow, red or silver: the Superocean 42 features a lively play on colors with the beveled inner bezel surrounding the Abyss black dial – not to mention the blue/blue or exclusive orange versions each issued in a 2,000-piece limited edition. This bright touch picked up by the tip of the seconds hand gives each model a powerful personality. The selfwinding movement is protected by a sturdy case water-resistant to 1,500 m (5,000 ft) A safety valve serves to balance out differences in pressure inside and outside the watch. A distinctive look matched by peerless performances.

Superocean 44
Fitted with a slightly larger case, the Superocean 44 is distinguished by its exceptional water resistance to a depth of 2,000 m (6,600 ft) and its subtly redesigned dial with applied sloping numerals emphasizing the quarters and refined color plays against the black background. It beats to the rhythm of a selfwinding movement chronometer-certified by the COSC. A safety valve serves to balance out differences in pressure inside and outside the case. For those wishing to combine elegance with performances, Breitling also offers bezels with an 18K rose gold ring – a colorful touch reflected by the hands.

Superocean Chronograph II
The chronograph version of the Superocean, this model water-resistant to 500 m (1,650 ft) combines a youthful, dynamic and modern appearance with a high-performance selfwinding movement chronometer-certified by the COSC. The seconds hand, the calendar aperture and the signature of the model are adorned with matching color accents forming an elegant contrast with the particularly readable black dial. The ultra-sturdy case is fitted with a screw-locked crown and safety pushpieces that can only be activated once they are unlocked. The bezel is also available in a steel & rose gold version.

Superocean Chronograph M2000
Breitling has created a champion of abyssal depths, equipped with an exclusive magnetic pushpiece system. Within this patented system, the chronograph controls are operated via the metal of the case. This means that the Superocean Chronograph M2000 is the first chro­no­graph to be water-resistant and fully operational to the fabulous depth of 2,000 m (6,600 ft) without any risk of water seeping in. The 4 mm-thick sapphire crystal guarantees exceptional sturdiness, while the original appearance of the black dial is enhanced by red, black, blue or green-ringed counters.

Avenger II
As authentic instrument for professionals, the Avenger II chronograph comes in several dial colors (black, blue, gray) with stencil-type numerals or hour-markers, on a rubber strap or on a bracelet. The case water-resistant to 300 m (1,000 ft) with pushpiece guard screwed into the steel, houses a selfwinding chronograph movement that is officially chronometer-certified – like all Breitling movements. The titanium case bears a conversion scale for Anglo-Saxon and metric measurements.

Avenger II GMT
The Avenger II GMT stands out by its very practical 24-hour second timezone display, complemented by a bidirectional rotating bezel enabling a third timezone reading. The officially chronometer-certified selfwinding movement is protected by an ultra-sturdy steel case water-resistant to 300 m (1,000 ft). The efficiency of the controls is guaranteed by a solid crown with a non-slip grip. The aviation-inspired stencil-type numerals lend a technical and original touch of style.

Super Avenger II
The ideal companion for all manner of challenges, the Super Avenger II chronograph combines an imposing 48 mm diameter with a powerful and extremely professional aesthetic. Its steel case water-resistant to 300 m (1,000 ft) is geared up for the most extreme missions thanks to its rugged construction, its screwed-in pushpiece guards and its solid screw-lock crown with non-slip grip. The selfwinding chronograph movement is chronometer-certified by the COSC, the highest industry benchmark in terms of precision and reliability.

Avenger II Seawolf
The professional Avenger II Seawolf super-diver model teams a powerful look with exceptional performances. The case water-resistant to the fabulous depth of 3,000 m (10,000 ft) is equipped with a unidirectional rotating bezel, a screw-lock crown with a non-slip grip and a valve serving to equal out pressure differences between the inside and the outside of the watch. The selfwinding movement chronometer-certified by the COSC guarantees maximum precision and reliability – on land, at sea and in the air.

Transocean Day & Date
With its slim beveled bezel, its slender lugs and its pure case housing a chronometer-certified selfwinding movement, the Transocean Day & Date embodies sheer elegance. A classical and contemporary style. The black or silver dial provides an extremely original display of the date at 3 o’clock and the day through an aperture shaped like an arc of a circle at 12 o’clock. This model epitomizing balance and understatement is adorned with applied hour-markers and baton-style hands ensuring extreme readability, along with a subtle cross-shaped dial arrangement reminiscent of the original Transocean.

Transocean Chronograph 38
Especially for women, Breitling has created a 38 mm-diameter chronograph that lends a touch of character to any wrist. The case with its pure lines comes in a choice of steel or red gold. The meticulously crafted dials are available in black, silver or midnight blue. The caseback features the two stylized planes that formerly symbolized the brand. The Barenia or crocodile leather straps offer a broad choice of refined shades, while a steel mesh bracelet lends a touch of originality. A paragon of elegance, this watch also boasts outstanding performances thanks to an officially chronometer-certified selfwinding chro­no­graph movement.

Transocean Chronograph
The Transocean Chronograph reinterprets the pure design of the classic 1950s and 60s chronographs in a resolutely contemporary style. The slender, understated fuselage carries onboard a high-performance “engine” in the shape of Caliber 01, entirely developed and produced in the Breitling workshops. The dial is a model of clarity and readability featuring refined details such as applied hour-markers, finely recessed and snailed counters, as well as an 18K gold version of the B initial that served for many years as the brand symbol.

Transocean Chronograph GMT
Issued in limited editions of 200 in red gold and 2,000 in steel, the Transocean Chronograph GMT combines an ultra-practical dual timezone system with a refined and understated design. It is distinguished by its guilloché silver or black dial adorned by applied hour-markers and finely hollowed counters. The transparent sapphire crystal provides a chance to admire the architecture of officially chronometer-certified Manufacture Breitling Caliber B04. Timeless elegance, peerless performance, unequalled user friendliness: exactly what it takes to cross fashion trends and ocean expanses with enduring style and panache.

Transocean Chronograph Unitime
Breitling has reasserted its horological mastery by launching a “worldtimer” chronograph equipped with an innovative in-house movement – Caliber B05 with a patented mechanism. Thanks to its double disk, the Transocean Chronograph Unitime provides at-a-glance reading, anywhere in the world, of the time in all 24 timezones. When the user changes timezone, simply turning the crown forwards or backwards enables instant correction of the hour hand, the city disk and the 24-hour disk – while automatically adjusting the date to local time. The ultimate in user friendliness.

Transocean Unitime Pilot
Featuring a satin-brushed steel case, the Transocean Unitime Pilot worldtime chronograph combines a Manufacture Breitling Caliber B05 – housing a patented mechanism – with a technical look echoing Breitling’s grand tradition of watches for aviators. Its black dial enables simultaneous readings of the time in all 24 timezones, complete with an ultra-practical crown adjustment system (including the date, both forwards and backwards). This instrument also comes with a blue dial, a red gold case, as well as in a 1,000-piece limited series with a black steel case and bracelet.

Transocean Chronograph 1461
Breitling has associated two of the most useful complications in daily life within two stylish mechanical models. In the Transocean Chronograph 1461, the chronograph is combined with a complete calendar requiring adjustment only once every leap year, meaning every 1,461 days. In the other instance, the ultra-sophisticated perpetual calendar with which the Transocean Chronograph QP is equipped provides an endless display of the date, day, week, month, season, leap-year cycle and moon phases, while taking account of the periodical return of February 29th. This exceptional 18K red gold timepiece is available in three 25-piece limited series, with a black, silver or blue dial.

Transocean Chronograph QP
Breitling has associated two of the most useful complications in daily life within two stylish mechanical models. In the Transocean Chronograph 1461, the chronograph is combined with a complete calendar requiring adjustment only once every leap year, meaning every 1,461 days. In the other instance, the ultra-sophisticated perpetual calendar with which the Transocean Chronograph QP is equipped provides an endless display of the date, day, week, month, season, leap-year cycle and moon phases, while taking account of the periodical return of February 29th. This exceptional 18K red gold timepiece is available in three 25-piece limited series, with a black, silver or blue dial.

Galactic 41
The Galactic 41 is intended for those whose activities do not necessarily require chronograph functions, but who nonetheless wish to wear a watch that is both ultra-sporty and impeccably elegant in their everyday life. Another distinctive feature lies in its double-window calendar providing an optimal date display. The chronometer-certified selfwinding movement is housed in a sturdy case that is water-resistant to 300 m (1,000 ft). The Galactic 41 is available in steel and steel & rose gold versions, with an optional gemset bezel.

Galactic 36 Automatic

Designed for women wishing to enjoy a blend of refined luxury and uncompromising technical sophistication, the Galactic 36 Automatic stands out by its generous diameter that is nonetheless extremely elegant on the wrist. The case in steel, steel & rose gold or rose gold houses a chronometer-certified mechanical movement. The exquisitely crafted dial is available in various colors, while versions featuring mother-of-pearl and diamonds lend an especially glamorous touch. The models are fitted with a choice of metal bracelets, or leather straps available in a wide variety of colors. More than enough to meet all manner of feminine tastes.

Galactic 32
Building on its resolutely technical vocation, Breitling distinguishes itself by its original interpretation of the feminine vision of time. For the brand with the winged B, a ladies’ watch must combine performance and elegance, reliability and refinement. The Galactic 32 is a perfect example. The feminine and decidedly sophisticated Galactic 32 expresses the ultimate in luxury, embodied in its exquisitely crafted dial. This wealth of design and finishing touches is further enhanced by the wide variety of metals, dial colors and types of straps and bracelets.

Superocean Héritage 42 & 46
Available in two sizes – measuring 46 and 42 mm in diameter – this diver’s watch water-resistant to 200 m (660 ft) echoes the functional and elegant design of the legendary 1950s model. The black, blue or green unidirectional rotating bezel matches the various dial colors; it may also be lit up by an 18K red gold ring. The original styling of this grand classic is accentuated by the steel mesh bracelet or the perforated sporty rubber strap – equipped with a clasp featuring a comfort-enhancing extension that is adjustable in a few seconds.

Superocean Héritage Chronographe 44 & 46
The Superocean Héritage Chronographe combines an unusual appearance with excellent performances. Its powerful 46 or 44 mm-diameter steel case that is water-resistant to 200 m (660 ft) houses an officially chronometer-certified self­winding movement. Devotees of style, sturdiness and comfort will appreciate the choice of wristbands – the steel mesh bracelet loyal to the initial bracelet, or the rubber strap matching the bezel. The two models (46 mm version with counters at 12, 9 and 6 o’clock; and the 44 mm version with counters at 9 and 3 o’clock) are also available with a bezel enhanced by an 18K red gold ring.

Montbrillant 01
Breitling gave fresh impetus to the Montbrillant chronograph by introducing the first series-produced model to be equipped with Manufacture Breitling Caliber 01, an automatic chronograph movement distinguished by its extreme reliability and high performances. This successful association of tradition and innovation is enhanced by a silver dial bearing numerals or hour-markers and hollowed counters. The caseback is adorned with an embossed medallion depicting the firm’s historical Montbrillant building.

Montbrillant Datora
In tribute to the famous Breitling Datora watches, which were bestsellers in the 1940s, this chronograph with complete calendar is distinguished by its unique way of showing the date. Embodying an authentic demonstration of mechanical ingenuity, its selfwinding movement displays the day and month in two side-by-side apertures, while a half-moon center pointer indicates the date around the dial. In addition to the aviation slide rule and the tachometer, the dial also provides a second hour display in 24-hour mode, also known as “military time”.

Colt Chronograph II
Equipped with a Breitling SuperQuartz™ movement ten times more accurate than ordinary quartz, the Colt Chronograph is water-resistant to a depth of 300 m (1,000 ft). It features a 1/10th of a second display, a split-second hand and a fast timezone-change system that avoids any loss of precision in counting the minutes. On the design side, the generous 44 mm diameter perfectly highlights the powerful and refined style of the Colt with its case featuring alternating polished and satin-brushed surfaces and its bezel bearing original numerals.

Colt 44
For all devotees of top-flight achievements, Breitling has equipped the Colt 44 with the best of its electronic technology in the form a SuperQuartz™ caliber ten times more accurate than standard quartz movements. The polished and satin-brushed finishes highlight the distinctive shape of the case and bezel. The sturdy construction, the screw-locked crown and the thick sapphire crystal (glareproofed on both sides) guarantee exceptional water resistance to a depth of 500 m (1,650 ft).

Colt 33
Designed for women wishing to combine ultra-sporty character with elegance, the Colt 33 is distinguished by its 33 mm diameter and its entirely polished case with a satin-brushed upper bezel surface. The feminine touch is accentuated by an optional gemset bezel. The dials come in a choice of several refined shades. The high-precision SuperQuartz™ movement, chronometer-certified by the COSC, is housed within a sturdy steel case that is water-resistant to 500 m (1,650 ft) – a unique feat for a ladies’ watch.