Iguana Tattoos – True Meaning Revealed

Considerations to be made prior to Acquiring an Iguana Tattoo

When you begin contemplating acquiring an iguana tattoo, the consequences of this action should be deliberated upon. Factors to be considered prior to getting an iguana tattoo may include some of the following:


Lizard tattoos, which include iguana tattoos, are a symbol of the search for light by the human soul. Other symbolisms are also associated with the iguana tattoo. Prior to getting this tattoo, its corresponding meaning should be well known to you. One should search for a tattoo whose meaning has some relevance to you.

Iguana tattoos, like any other permanent tattoos, are painful to get and equally painful to remove. One should make the pain endured in getting a tattoo meaningful and is should symbolize a significant thing or occurrence in ones individual life. It should be noted that ones interpretation of the meaning of the tattoo may differ from the general interpretation. However, personal interpretation is the one with greater significance.


A few people might be unable to find interpretations of iguana tattoos which have a significant meaning to them. They nonetheless get the iguana tattoo because the creature is of some relevance to them. Whether or not one has traits similar to iguanas does not mean that one likes or dislikes them.

A fair amount of research needs to be carried out before one can conclude that the creature posses traits similar to you. Iguanas are survivors due to the fact that they are up and about when other animals have already withdrawn. They are thus a symbol of survivors and one can get an iguana tattoo if one believes he/she is a survivor.


Some people are fascinated by this creature and get tattoos due to this factor. Others who get iguana tattoos are either owners of iguanas which they keep as pets or those individuals who eventually wish to have them. To some people, the iguana is their favorite animal. This opinion is individual to them and very subjective as people have different reasons for liking different animals. These people have a clear attraction to this animal.


After deliberating on individual grounds for getting an iguana tattoo, the final design needs to be decided upon. One can choose a simple design that wouldn’t cause lots of pain or an elaborate design which may have a variety of colors. The latter would astonish everyone who sees it but would cause a great deal of pain when getting it.

Tattoo designs are available on the internet and they can be downloaded and duplicated by tattoo artists in your location. The exact location of the tattoo needs to be determined beforehand. A place that would not put your health in jeopardy and still enhance the beauty of the tattoo should be considered. It is advisable to get different recommendations as to where it should be prior to having the design tattooed.


The position it is placed on is of great importance. Some people consider placing the tattoo in places where the contraction of muscles would give the illusion that the creature is moving. This motion would make the tattoo seem lifelike. Teenagers often place their tattoos in concealed places to avoid trouble from their parents or other people who might cause trouble for them should they see the tattoo.

Knuckle Tattoos!

A great tattoo placement idea are the knuckles. This makes a permanent, strong statement and serves as a constant reminder of the symbolism or phrasing that you’ve chosen to get inked. Here are some important points on getting your knuckles tatted:

1. Make sure you are confident about knuckle tattoo placement.

Obviously this is an area where cover up is not much of an option in day to day life. You’re knuckle ink is going to become a part of your character, much more than say a shoulder or back tat. It’s going to become one of the main features you’ll be identified with in society, so make sure you’re cool with that.

2. Make sure your confident with your design choice.

Lettering should always be thought about long and hard, and since lettering is a common knuckle tattoo, the display will be front and center and you should make sure the word(s) will last in meaning and significance. Four letter words may have seemed cool when you were a rebellious eighteen year old, but will they seem cheesy when your thirty? Same goes with girlfriend/boyfriend names, groups, gangs, clubs, or philosophical sayings.

3. Research Detailed Design Options.

This refers to the specific form of font or lettering you choose. You can make a great knuckle tattoo idea look amazing with the right font or lettering choice. Definitely look into different fonts as your options are not limited to just standard lettering. An easy and convenient way to research fonts is by browsing through online tattoo galleries so as to make sure you find the right lettering design that fits your knuckle tattoo’s.

Tattoos And Body Piercing Can Be Forms Of Self-Expression Of Identity, Life Goals, And Interests

Throughout history much has been written about tattoos, which are designs on the skin made with needles and colored ink, and body piercing, which is the practice of puncturing a part of the human body to create an opening in which jewelry may be worn. Naturally there are many opinions why people will wear tattoos and have body piercing. People often have preconceived, negative opinions when they see someone with tattoos and body piercings. Many people claim they get tattoos as a means of self-reflection of their identity, life goals, and interests. Since tattoos and piercing are so popular, this must be true. The purpose of this article is not to encourage or condemn tattoos and body piercings. The purpose is to explain what tattooing and body piercing are, explain the dangers, and express the necessity to carefully evaluate the choice to get a tattoo or piercing.

Tattoos are designs on the skin made with needles and colored ink. Permanent makeup is a type of tattoo. The word tattoo comes from a Tahitian word which means ‘to mark’ and it dates back to 3300 BC. Tattoos were found on Egyptian and Nubian mummies that date back to about 2000 BC.

Body piercing is the practice of puncturing a part of the human body to create an opening in which jewelry may be worn. One can have body piercing almost anywhere on the body. The history of body piercing is obscured by a lack of scholarly reference and because of popular misinformation; however, evidence exists to show it has been practiced since ancient times, in various forms and by both sexes, throughout the world.

There is a difference between body decoration and self-mutilation. Experts agree that cutting is not piercing and is a sign of serious psychological problems

Tattoos are often permanent and piercing can leave scars. Tattoos and piercing are hard and expensive to undo.

Because there are several concerns about tattoos during pregnancy, it’s probably best to wait until after delivery.

Laws in some states prohibit children from receiving tattoos and piercing because children don’t have the experience and ability to evaluate the dangers. Laws require minors to have a parent’s permission to get a tattoo. However, some adolescents get tattoos from friends or amateurs who use makeshift tools like pens and paper clips with little or any sanitary precautions. This is extremely dangerous. You should only get a tattoo from a licensed tattoo artist who takes appropriate safety precautions.

Long-term negative consequences can be related to large, excessive, and objectionable tattoos and multiple piercing.

Hepatitis B and HIV/AIDS are two of many diseases that may be passed along by a dirty needle. Hepatitis B is a serious liver infection. HIV/AIDS is a life-threatening disease that prevents your body from fighting off other infections.

Every piercing offers risks such as bacterial infections, damage to nerves, excessive bleeding, and allergic reactions to particular jewelry. Some scars go beyond the original wound and other scars spread to the margins of the wound and no further.

Ear piercing is very common and is unlikely to cause infection if done properly. One should avoid removing ear rings during the first four weeks of healing. Ear rings should be worn most of the time during the first year or the holes can easily close up.

Tongue piercing recovery requires time and patience to avoid problems. One needs to use a non-alcohol mouthwash three times a day and use ice during the approximately three weeks healing process to reduce swelling. Tongue piercing can be risky for some people. One study reported that tongue rings can cause gum recession. This can result in required root canal or other oral surgeries. The rings can result in chipped teeth

Belly button piercing became popular after the early 1970s and is most common with women, but many men have this piercing also. The minimum healing time is normally six months, but a year is not uncommon.

Nipple piercing is common for both men and women. People have many reasons for nipple piercing. Men and women relate that the procedure increases sensations and others relate that it decreases sensations. The healing time varies from four months to over a year. Scars or post-piercing nipple development is common and the risks should be understood before nipple piercing. The nipple can be expected to grow in response to the piercing and jewelry stimulation. This is most common in undeveloped small female nipples and male nipples. This nipple growth can be very nice or it can be very unattractive.

Nose piercing dates back to about 1500 BC. The most common nose piercing is in the nostril, although placement in the septum or bridge of the nose is not uncommon. Nose piercing takes two months to a year of tender care to heal.

Holes from piercing usually close up if you no longer wear the jewelry.

The Association of Professional Piercers is a California-based, international non-profit organization dedicated to the dissemination of vital health and safety information about body piercing to piercers.

If you decide to get a tattoo or body piercing, make sure you go to a licensed facility and take time to discuss the safety procedures with the artists working at the shop or tattoo parlor.